Hello, I am Clara. I am 13 and I cannot speak, but that does not stop me from wanting to share my life with the rest of the world, through my painting. I was born from a Brazilian mom and a Dutch-Canadian dad but I’ve lived in Italy so I understand three languages. 

Frida Kahlo is currently one of my idols. 

I love ice-creams, I have no friends my age and this sucks, I want to be mom to three twins and have a swimming pool.

I used to sneak in the kitchen to get some extra food when I was little, now that I am a teenager I am more interested to the Prince Charming issue. 

Painting is my way of sharing my inner world. I don’t think I am different: only, I use colors instead of words. 

My life has been widely enriched by my painting adventures and I am using my art to say that no one is different: life can be full and challenging and terrific, whether you are normal or different. Oh, and by the way: there is no such thing as different.

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When I first read about Clara I thought: ok, see you some other time Juliet. This is the story I wanna tell. I’ve worked with special needs people most of my life and I am a mindfulness practitioner, so I know how tough this world can get when you don’t fit in a specific standard. You don’t need to be disabled to be excluded, bullied, set aside: I was the upper class, multi-talented, precocious and lively blonde girl who actually read too much, asked inappropriate questions, spent all of her time rehearsing with the drama class while other teenagers were out partying.  Then the internet came, and cheaper flights, and the feeling we all belong to one same mankind and now, at age 36, I’m fed up with this labeling, narrow-minded approach: there is no such thing as different, and it’s time we start to live accordingly. 

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First and foremost Clara’s mom, Betina is an entrepreneur and now manages Clara’s painting career. As Painted Words manager, she holds the Big Vision about how far we can go together. She can work for hours and get fueled simply by a cappuccino chiarissimo (a super light cappuccino), always hopes to find a bathtub in the bedroom when we are on tour, and has a list of questions for God. As a kid, Betina wanted to be a secret agent: that might not have happened (yet), but she surely has joined a mission where getting bored is not an option.



The fixer, the doer, the problem solver.  He is the man who never says: sorry guys, that’s not possible. Carlo is in charge of all the logistics behind moving and adapting Painted Words to any performing space possible, but his true superpower is in the way he supports his children by making them feel they can find their own way to do anything they like. ADHD came in very handy with Carlo, who never gets tired and is perfectly at ease when you need ten different options provided in a matter of seconds. 



It’s not easy to be the little one in the tribe and Davi, Clara’s 8-year-old brother holds this place in a graceful – and very patient – way.  Very grateful to Lavinia every time she needs a bed at the Woods’, so he can sneak in the big bed with mom and dad, Davi is a magician in an apprenticeship: we all hope he will develop a teleporting technique for us all soon.


Originally Lavinia’s sound technician during a radio program, Stefano quickly upgraded to the position of Lovely Husband. Although he got back to his original, quiet and peaceful job as a jewelry-designer, life ain’t easy when you marry an entrepreneurial stage lady: he keeps finding himself included in the show business, and he is now the official Painted Words stage technician.  Feed him with gluten-free local specialties and he’ll forgive us all for dragging him places.