Have you ever felt different?

Maybe you were the kid no one wanted to play with. You dress too colorfully. You wear glasses, you are too big, too small, your skin is not colored in the specific color shade that would qualify as ok. Your love life does not meet mainstream social standards.  You read instead of going out, you are a party animal but you feel awkward when you’re engaged in deep conversation, you’ve decided to live childfree and all your girlfriends are staying at home moms.

Basically, each one of us has

some reasons to not fit in.

We are all outsiders in a way or another. We all are different, at a point that the word different doesn’t mean much after all. Being the different one is something that artist Clara Woods knows way too well: not being able to speak because of a pre-natal stroke, at 13 years of age she has been using painting as her way of communicating with the world and raising her own voice.

Actress and art therapist Lavinia Costantino met Clara, and together they created Painted Words, a traveling roadshow that includes Clara’s painting exhibition and Lavinia’s storytelling show: their goal is to raise awareness on inclusion and equality and promote the right to be different, self-loving and happy.